"Hey! I didn’t see you there!"

He just growled in response, ignoring the man who had tripped over his feet, thumbing through his book.


The water was rushing 

below her bare feet as she
sat up on the side of the bridge.


The side of her body rested gently on the wood beam next to her as she let the cool night air rush through her hair and against her cheeks. It was a quiet night, only the sounds of the crickets could be heard until the snap of a tree branch made her jump. 


"Hello? Who’s there?"

This girl should feel incredibly lucky. Iggy had just returned from a good hunting trip. If he had been unsuccessful, she would have had a broken neck before she could even turn her head.

But that was not the case. And his crazed hunger spell had ended for a couple more weeks.

"Oi. Are you alright?"


tumblr_mutx5gQtvZ1qdpmluo1_250.gif (245×245)

"You need something?" She really doesn’t care. 

"I just noticed you were having trouble lighting your shit." He pulled a lighter from his coat pocket and held it out to the end of her cigarette, lighting it for her. He then pulled out his own, which were strawberry flavored, and lit it as well. He liked the sweet smell, so he bought them instead of the regular ones.

"You just gonna fucking stand out here in the rain like a damned lost soul or do you want to step inside my studio?" He jabbed his thumb behind him towards the small design studio behind him.


"Oh, come on. I didn’t think you would get that mad, it was just a joke!"

"Don’t fucking take off my glasses. I can’t see without them and the sun hurts my eyes!" While both of those things were true, it was more to hide the fact that his eyes were fucking purple.

"It’s fine. Just don’t do it again."

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Vlad looked up at the young man and smiled, concern on his face.

"You know, young man, I have never seen tattoos like those before," he said. "What do they mean?"

He mumbled something to himself as he leaned back on the bench behind his apartment complex. He didn’t like exposing his tattoos in public because people asked questions that he didn’t have time to think about. Questions like this one.

"They…." He chose his words slowly and strung them together with grace, as though he chewed and tasted them in his mouth right before he said them, and he took a long time to think before talking.

"…It’s a difficult question to answer… I’ll answer it with a question. What do the clothes and jewelry you wear every day mean? I’m sure some of them have meaning and some of them don’t, and some of them used to mean something and now they simply are useful objects or visually appealing apparel. Do you see what I mean?" →

The girl sat quietly in the back of the classroom, watching everyone pile in. Her eyes traveled around the room, hoping to catch someone else’s, hoping that someone would finally see her. On the inside she felt so empty, so..dead, like she didn’t even matter. It was so hard to be able to find…

Iggy hated being in high school, but he was glad that he’d been given the opportunity to study in America.

The Korean strode along the crowded halls, finding it difficult to locate his classes. He arrived in his study hall at last and sat next to some blonde chick - Had she been crying? Didn’t matter. He had work to do.

The foreigner yanked a couple of notebooks from his bag and began rattling off words under his breath for memorization purposes, hunched over his work like a big crow.



"Are you sure you wish to do this? I know you are no servant." The young Titaness offered her companion an out, even though she was rather enjoying having her hair played with- her mother hardly bothered anymore. 

"I sheared my hair short when I left my tribe. It is a treat to do this." He weaved the light locks between his fingers, looping them around eachother to create a top layer of netted hair. "Thank you, for letting me stay, I mean. There are many others who would’ve killed a creature like me on the spot."

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❝ You can’t go on a date with her! 

"I don’t want to date her. I want to sleep with her. That’s the goal and it always will be." He crossed his arms, indignant.